Food Allergy Awareness Week – Bulla Nut Free Ice Cream

May 14, 2018

This week (13th-19th May) is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Bulla is a sponsor and I have teamed up with them to help spread the word about food safety options available for families dealing with allergies. Recently in response to consumer demands, Bulla has dedicated an entire factory to the production of its Nut Free Ice Cream, which is available in vanilla flavour in 2 litre tubs for RRP $6.99.

Bulla wants families dealing with food allergies to be able to enjoy ice cream and dessert confidently knowing that it is produced to the highest quality and safety standard without compromising on Bulla’s signature taste. I love to entertain. I love entertaining at home, having my friends over and I encourage my kids to invite their friends over for play dates. At home within my kids friendship circles, I often cater for kids with allergies. Most parents are very open and forward about what their child can’t have. When that is communicated clearly, some good questions to ask before the play date, include – Is the child anaphalactic? What action do I take if a reaction occurs. Does the child know what they can and can’t have?

Many of you would know someone who experiences nut allergies. My 5yo son, Sol was allergic to peanuts as a toddler. The first time he had a reaction, he broke out in a nasty rash and it really gave me a fright. I was worried and called an ambulance. Thankfully he outgrew his allergy, but many others don’t. According to The Australasian Society of Clinical immunology. Food Allergies occur in around 1 in 20 children and 2 in 100 adults.. Bulla sent me some of their Nut free ice cream to serve to my kids and their friends. It was as delicious as any other Bulla ice cream and I’m so glad that people experiencing nut allergies can enjoy that delicious Bulla flavour too.  For further info check out this link  https://allergyfacts.org.au


Note- Bulla has sponsored this post. My opinion is my own and 100 percent true


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