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Kids Birthday Beach Party Guide

December 6, 2018

My daughter Lottie recently turned nine and my son Sol recently turned six. To celebrate both of their birthdays I hosted a joint beach party. Not only was it was lots of fun, but it  made super magical with the appearance of  Mermaid Tarielle from Waggle Dance!  Tarielle was so lovely to the children. One of my son’s friends asked her “If she was a real mermaid?” to which Tarielle replied. “Yes of course, are you a real human?” Mermaid Tarielle stayed and played with the children, inviting them to touch her tail and swim. So magical! If you are thinking of hosting your own childrens beach or pool party I could not recommend Waggle Dance Company and Mermaid Tarielle enough.

Other details that made the party a magical day included;

Gorgeous digital invitations designed by Waggle Dance. I find paper invitations can get lost or misplaced, but a digital invite sent via text or messenger is easier for parents to keep track of. I also utilised my son’s class parents Facebook page. Posting on there, inviting his whole class. He is in prep and I really think in kinder and prep it is important to be inclusive and invite everyone if you can. As kids get older they work out their own little  friendship groups.

For the birthday cake I went with lamingtons. Growing up in the 90’s I  always had lamington drives at school and in my opinion kids these days don’t eat enough lamingtons – bring the lamington back!  It was also a cost effective way of feeding lots of kids and made my life easier as there was no cake to slice, especially down the beach. I simply purchased the lamingtons at Woolworths, arranged them into a tower and added some cocktail umbrellas & candles. They went down a treat!

For party food  I had “fruit wands”, which the kids helped me make the day before. All you need is a skewer, some fruit and a cookie cutter. We cut stars out of watermelon for the top and below we put strawberries and grapes.  You can use other fruit, but it might go brown overnight. I also served fairy bread and cheese & vegemite sandwiches cut into triangles. For drinks, I froze the day before, small water bottles and juice so they were nice and icy cold the next day. I also had a few packets of chips and popcorn. For something more substantial I ordered a large sushi platter and a large vietnamese roll platter. They were very popular with the many parents who stayed at the party.

For party favourites I ordered gorgeous custom home made cookies from https://www.instagram.com/cookiebird_cookies/?hl=en. They looked incredible and tasted amazing. They came in individual covers and made a really nice gift for guests to take home. Along with the cookies, Lottie and Sol replanted some gorgeous  succulents from our garden into individual pots and gifted these to their friends.

Other little things that helped make the day run smoothly was asking guests to arrive with sunscreen already on. I had a big bottle on hand incase anyone forgot, but it was just so much easier knowing kids already had it on when they arrived. Also keep in mind shade options and being within close proximity to toilet facilities.

The weather was on our side (which living in Melbourne is always a risk), however if the weather was not so good on the day, Mermaid Tarielle was more than happy to convert her visit to land.

I hope this beach party guide helps you have an amazing time with your own family and friends. For more info on Waggle Dance and to book Mermaid Tarielle check out this link https://www.waggledance.com.au


Note- Mum with Wings Collaboration.

All opinions are my own and 100 percent true.









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