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Royal Flying Doctors Kids Club Launch

February 16, 2016

The Flying Doctors has been once again been voted as Australia’s most reputable charity for five years in a row and has been providing aero-medical assistance and primary health care services since 1928. RFDS Victoria delivers air and road patient transport, primary health care programs such as diabetes, mobile eye and dental care and rural women’s GP services, as well as raising funds for emergency retrieval across Australia.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service has now launched a traditional Kids Club to connect children with one of Australia’s most iconic organisations – it’s a free club which will feature birthday greetings, regular newsletters in the mail and activities to provide children with an insight into the important work that the Flying Doctors has provided since 1928.

It’s aimed at children aged between 5 – 12 years old, with all registrations before 24th March putting them in the draw to win an iPad and a Pilots pack. They can join here

I have just signed my six year old daughter Charlotte up. She knows about the Royal Flying Doctors as we always visit their stand at the Royal Melbourne Show and I have explained the wonderful work they do. It truly is an amazing organisation and we living in urban areas need to always think of those living in remote areas who do not have access to the same things we do. Charlotte is very excited that her membership certificate is on its way and that is exactly what club aims to do, bring back the joy of traditional mail and connection.


  • A certificate of membership for all members to show their friends
  • Annual birthday and Christmas cards in the mail from Flynn the Flyer
  • Regular newsletters in the mail featuring fun facts, activities and updates
  • A chance to win an iPad and Pilots Pack for one lucky winner who joins before 24 March 2016

Today the RFDS attends over 295,000 patients annually, or more than 800 every day, performs around 37,000 aeromedical evacuations and conducts about 15,000 healthcare clinics per year.

It took me 2 minutes to sign up Charlotte, If your children love aviation and receiving old fashioned mail  I suggest you sign them up.

Safe travels,




Featured Plan & Pre-Travel

Before flying with children

September 9, 2015


When traveling with children there are some pre-flight tips you can apply that will ensure a smoother journey when in the air. The key is to think ahead and be prepared, you know best the needs of your children. There is only so much the crew can do once in the air, What you do before the flight is the game changer.  Here are my top 10 tips of things to do before you travel with children – from my family to yours:


  1. CHILD’S PASSPORT AND VISAS: Organise your child’s passport and visas (if required) well in advance, i.e. months. Most governments are very particular and strict with their specifications, including on photos. For Australian readers, I recommend Ted’s Camera Shop over Australia Post Office’s.  In short, the cost of using professionals is often less than having to re-submit applications.
  2. FIRST AID KIT: I always stock up pre-travel on trusted first aid products like children’s pain and fever relief (e.g. Panodol & Nuerofen), anti-histamine (e.g. Clarintyne), antiseptic & anesthetic cream (e.g. Savlon) hydration supplements (e.g. Hydralite) and plasters & bandages. Hand Sanitizer is something I always travel with. There are chemists at most airports, but I suggest you stock up well in advance of your trip.
  3. SEATING REQUESTS:  For those with infants, request a baby bassinet if they meet the specifications. For those with young children, I recommend an aisle seat in close proximity to a toilet with baby change facilities. You can request seats from booking your ticket and potentially as late as the boarding gate, but not once in the air.
  4. FOOD ON BOARD:  If you would like a child’s meal you need to order this in advance of travel and confirm at check-in, as all catering is done on the ground. Once in the air, the flight attendants will do all they can to improvise for any non pre-ordered requests, but you will need to manage your expectations. I recommend packing snacks that you know your child will like, e.g. infant food packages, for the airport and during the flight, as it can be a long time between services once on board.
  5. CARPARKING: Think about where you will park your car. There are a lot of specials around at the moment and I advise shopping around. For my Melbourne readers, my favourite place for value and service is Andrew’s Airport Parking –there is nothing like a friendly face and sparkling clean car upon arriving home. Better still, Andrew’s are offering  mum with wings readers a 10% discount, right up until Christmas. Book at and use the Discount Code WINGS.
  6. LAGS: Liquid and Gel regulations are something that parent’s travelling with infants are exempt from, as long as the amounts are proportionate to the duration of the flight, with a little extra in case of delays. I strongly recommend reading up about these regulations for those airports you will be visiting to avoid any undue worries when passing through security checks. You can find everything you need here
  7. ENTERTAINMENT: We are very lucky that these days we have access to iPads/ tablets, but remember to charge and load it up before you travel with your children’s favourite shows, games and books. For a number of airlines, usually non-premium, you can pre-order iPads for in-flight entertainment. I still pack activities like stickers and colouring books, which are handy when electronic devices cannot be used during the flight, e.g. taxiing.
  8. PREP YOUR CHILDREN: Explain to your children what is about to happen and the processes at the airport. I find when children know what is about to happen they will be relaxed and not afraid of any checks.
  9. HYDRATE and REST:  If children are hydrated and well rested before travel they will be more comfortable once in the air.
  10. CABIN BAGGAGE: Think about packing well in advance, especially cabin baggage. One tip I always recommend is preparing some freezer bags with nappies and wipes to keep in the seat pocket and a wrap. This means every time your child needs changing you don’t need to get your bag down from the overhead locker.  Packing is a blog post of its own.coming soon.


Travelling with your family is an amazing thing to do and I want everyone to experience it. If you do these 10 things I mentioned before flying with children you will be prepared and organised for a great flight with your family. Safe travels.


Mum with Wings

Melbourne Mornington Peninsula

My Top 5 Family Friendly Mornington Peninsula Wineries

July 19, 2015

Working as a first class flight attendant I am always very proud when we serve wine from my home region of the Mornington Peninsula. I am very patriotic of my home and love telling my passengers from all over the world how beautiful ‘the Peninsula’ is, with National Geographic naming it in their 2015 Top 20 Best Trips of the world. When I’m not working or travelling, I love nothing more than spending a day at a local winery with my husband and children. I am so grateful to call it my home and would like to share with you my TOP 5 Family Friendly Mornington Peninsula Wineries (in no particular order).


Green Olive is fantastic! There is an in-ground trampoline that my children love. The all day tapas menu is perfect for family dining, you can share and enjoy food together. I love that the owner Greg comes and has a chat with you. The resident dog is very friendly, likes a pat and is quick to pick up scraps under the table. You won’t be picking up after your children here. It’s a beautiful place to sit amongst overflowing vegetable patches and enjoy the day. When it’s busy here, I have taken a picnic blanket and sat on the lawn. So relaxing.


From the childrens sandpit you can see  spectacular views, however no glassware is allowed in this area, so you will have to leave your vino back at your table if you are out here supervising younger children. For older children you can just sit back and relax. You will find a delicious menu and wine tasting is a must here.


This is my most recent discovery. Driving down the long driveway you instantly relax. I love this place because it has swings for our children that keep them occupied whilst we can enjoy their award winning wines. Recent renovations make it more spacious. Being one of the first wineries off the new Peninsula Link it can get busy, so be sure to book in advance if you plan to dine.


Set inside a semi-refurbished horse stable, Box Stallion offers some unique options from a private ‘stall’ for parties of around six to eight, or the live music on weekends, both of which sets a great atmosphere. My kids always dance and sing along, or they play with the box of toys on offer. The owner is very passionate and informative, so I recommend a wine tasting to help guide you through the wide selection.


We have spent many days in the sunshine at Montalto’s Piazza laughing and enjoying family time. There are wooden tables in amongst a tuscan styled garden. Children can run and play on the lawn. The pinot and olives are delicious as are the wood fired pizzas, the olive oil on tasting is my favourite. After lunch we always go for a relaxing walk, taking in the breathtaking views and admiring the many stunning art installations. Note: Montalto Piazza will be closing for renovations on August 1st 2015 and reopening in time for summer.

I have just touched on a few of my favourites here. I hope this gives you a good starting point to enjoy family friendly Mornington Peninsula wineries.

This post is not sponsored. All writings are based on my own experiences with my family. Featured image from Montalto and slider images from Green Olive.