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Yarra Valley by Hot Air Balloon

May 4, 2018

One of the most beautiful regions here in Victoria, Would have to be the Yarra Valley. Famous for its world class wine production and scenic views. It is Australian Landscape at its best and so accessible. Just one hour drive from Melbourne CBD. Making it popular with Victorians and International visitors alike. It is no secret that I enjoy flying. I have been an International Flight attendant for over 14 years now. There is a romance to being above the clouds and I am infatuated with the views from above. I could not think of a better way to see the Yarra Valley, than by floating up in a hot air balloon at sunrise.

I shared in the adventure with my friend Kate. We have been friends for over 20 years and although we are married with kids now, we still revert to our School yard banter when we get together. Our alarms went off at 3.30am and We were on the road by 4am with coffee in hand. At 5am we were on the doorstep of the Yarra Valley.Soon after, we arrived at Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort and Spa, Where we we were welcomed by staff from Global ballooning Australia. After some quick paper work we were allocated into groups and driven out to a launching site where we met our pilot, Ronald.

It was exciting watching the hot air fill the balloons and then rise up into the morning sky. There were 16 passengers in the balloon including Kate and I. Everyone had a look of pure joy of their faces. The Yarra Valleys landscape below was putting on a spectacular natural show. We saw Kangaroos, live stock and abundant Bird life. I loved floating over the strawberry fields and of course the vineyards, which were glowing in their autumn colours. We were up in the air for an hour before softly landing back on the ground gracefully like a feather. After all contributing to helping pack up the balloon, we were driven back to Balgownie Estate where a Champagne Breakfast awaited. Our pilot Ronald joined our table and it was interesting to hear how passionate he was about hot air ballooning and how his journey began in the industry.

With the whole day still ahead of us, Kate and I headed off to explore a few local wineries. Yering is one of the more established in the region and it didn’t disappoint. I loved the 2012 Yarra bank Sparkling Cuvea and the 2015 Village Pinot Noir. We also visited the incredible Levantine Hill and Four Pillars Gin Distillery before stopping off at Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice creamery, where we picked up some delicious gifts for our husbands and kids.Hot Air ballooning was a magical experience and I am so excited to announce that Global Ballooning Australia and myself are today launching a Mothers Day giveaway. It is for two people to go Hot Air ballooning in the beautiful Yarra Valley. You can enter via my instagram page @mumwithwings. Good Luck . For more information and to book your own Hot Air Balloon experience  follow this link https://www.globalballooning.com.au


Note- Kate and I were guests of Global Ballooning Australia.


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