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Flying with Children – Hygiene and Health Tips

December 4, 2016

Keeping my kids healthy while travelling is not something I like to leave to chance. Yes, some things are out of our control as parents and sometimes our children will be unwell and pick up bugs. That’s life. That is also why I do everything in my own control before taking my kids on a long haul flight to ensure that their health and hygiene is taken care of and give them the best possible chance of staying healthy and comfortable while flying.


Here are my Top Health and Hygiene Tips for Flying with Kids.


  1. Check up at the Doctor’s – This will give you the peace of mind to know that your child is fit and healthy to fly. Good chance to check that ears are clear. If there is any sign of an ear infection I would not advise to fly. Also make sure they have had a recent dental check. Just reassuring to know that everything is ok before you go away. Check with your Doctor that your children are immunised specifically for your destination.


  1. Book travel insurance – If your child did get sick while you are away the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about the cost of hospital or ambulance.


  1. Rest – Ensure your children have rested pre flight, if they are tired and run down they will be more prone to picking up bugs. I know this is easier said than done, but you can only try!


  1. Ensure that your children have eaten healthy food and are hydrated pre flight, giving them a head start of vitamins and hydration is a good idea and will help maintain their level of health while flying the long haul.


  1. Pack hand sanitiser and ensure your kids use it! Children are naturally curious and like to touch things. I always make sure my kids use hand sanitiser before eating.


  1. Personal hygiene can go a long way in keeping kids comfortable and healthy on a flight. Once at the airport I recommend that you take your children to the bathrooms in the terminal pre boarding and assist them with brushing their teeth. I prefer to use an electric toothbrush and my latest discovery is the Colgate Proclinical. It is compact for travel and comes with a usb charging travel case. Often routines can get pushed aside while you travel, it’s important to remember your child’s dental hygiene while you are on the go.


Note. This post is sponsored by Colgate, All opinions are my own.


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