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The week before Paris

July 29, 2016

Before a long flight and holiday you need to prepare. This is what I have been doing the week before Paris.

  1. Travel documents – Double checked flight details and expiry date on my passport
  2. Travel insurance –  This time Ben and I used Insure and Go, we have also registered our trip details on Smart Traveller
  3. Chemist shop – Stocked up with Panodol, Hydrolyte, hand sanitiser, hair ties and tampons. Yes, Australian tampons are often very different to ones found overseas..Best to stock up before  you travel.
  4. Waxing appointment- No need to pack a razor or worry about shaving legs on holiday if its all done prior.
  5. Hair appointment- I can’t stand regrowth, My pet hate. I have recently  started going to Blisque Salon in Mt Eliza who do a great job. If hair is fresh at the start of a trip its a good start for me
  6. Hydrating – Air travel is extremely dehydrating. To keep my skin hydrated I made time for some hydrating treatments at The Wellness Manor in Mornington.  Absolute heaven on earth. I  arrived a little late as my daughter had a fall at school and I went to check she was ok. I hate being late to appointments as I  worry about the knock on effect that to has for the staff and their other customers, However when I arrived rushed from my hectic morning  I was made to feel welcome and told no problems, they can push my appointment back for me so that I will have time to enjoy the beautiful spa’s first. How accomodating! Another really nice touch was that no paperwork was thrown at me as soon as I walked in the door. This was discussed  in a friendly personal way once I was within the first treatment room.  The Wellness Manor is an old vicarage, a beautiful building that has been renovated and styled so tastefully. The feature tiles are  stunning and when I stepped in the change room to take off my winter layers and put my bathers and robe on, it was a moment of bliss feeling the heated change room floor tiles on my bare feet. The spa was 38 degrees and so relaxing. Lovely Cartier from reception brought me an iced water to drink and on delivery reminded me its important to stay hydrated.  I didn’t have to watch the clock,  When it was time for my first treatment the lovely Emily reminded me. I dried off and went into the first treatment room, where a pod was installed. I  had  a ‘Driftaway in time which include, Exfoliation,Vichy Rain Shower,Body mud,Steam Infusion,Scalp Massage and Body Hydration.  It was so relaxing. I moved outside to the sheltered relaxation area and was very comfortable snuggled on sheepskin.  The next treatment I experienced was a Hydra Facial, which involved exfoliation and deep cleansing to the surface layer of the skin. Prue, the in-house nurse applied part glycolic part salicylic acid, exfoliated, then vacuumed off the dead skin. Then, antioxidants and nutrients were applied to my  fresh skin and a moisturiser was applied to seal in the benefits. Prue explained that this new technology improves skin health and creates an instantly noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture.  My skin was glowing after this amazing treatment!  My experience  was far from over, back to the day beds where I was offered and served champagne, herbal tea and an amazing platter that had all my favourites. White anchovies, marinated octopus, cheese, ham and pickled onions.  I took my time relaxing and was given privacy and space to do so.  I didn’t want to leave, but unfortunately school pick-up was looming. I’m definitely feeling hydrated and relaxed before my flight and holiday. You can find more information on the Wellness Manor visit their website.

note. I was a guest of The Wellness Manor.

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