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5 easy craft activities for children

April 2, 2016

Recently I attended the launch of Spotlight National Craft month with my daughter Lottie. We were inspired by some amazing creatives in the room including Rachel Burke from I Make It You Wear It and Trixie from Coloured Buttons.

I’m certainly not a craft extrodonaire myself, but that has never stopped me trying something new.  Since my children were small I have given them lots of creative opportunities to make and create.  I wanted to share with you  5 easy craft activities, to give you some ideas to get creative with your little ones too.

  1. Autumn Leaf Painting – Collect autumn leaves and place them on some paper to create a stencil and paint over.
  2. Make a city out of cardboard – After a visit to the city, we got creative with our our old cardboard boxes and made a city, using tape and glue to hold it together and decorate away! You can make houses, cars, anything.
  3. Play Dough – This is my favourite recipe and requires no heat so the kids can help. Ingredients – 2 cups plain flour, 1 cup salt, 1 tbs oil, 1 cup cool water, 2 drops  food colouring. Method- Mix plain flour and salt, then add water, food colouring and oil. Knead until ingredients are mixed in an even consistency.  If it is too dry I add some more water and if its too wet add some extra flour. My kids enjoy making the Play Dough, but the real fun begins when they start creating with it. I give them dry spaghetti broken up for them to make echidnas.
  4. Nature Treasure Hunt – Give the kids a container and ask them to find  different leaves, bark and  flowers. Get a large sheet of butchers paper and let you kids paste or tape their treasures, they might make a collage or a pattern or just display their treasures. They enjoy exploring different textures and shapes.
  5. Yarn Bombing-  I have to thank Susan at Little Gardeners at the Briars for this idea. Get your kids to find a stick in the garden and use brightly coloured wool to decorate it. I tried this recently when i was looking after 5 kids and they loved it!

If you are looking for more ideas Spotlight are hosting some great  instore events this month as part of National Craft Month.
· Fabric Fiesta (2nd April)
· Crafty Party (23rd April)

I hope this gives you some ideas to get crafty with your kids these school holidays. Its great to get out and about but some quiet days at home are always nice too. One more week of holidays school mums, but who is counting 😉

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