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Family Road Trip in the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

June 13, 2016

More recently, I have been focusing my attention on visiting places closer to home. Places on my doorstep that I have previously overlooked, as I have always been quick to board a flight overseas. It’s nice to stop and have time at home and appreciate what we have here.  Victoria has so many wonderful places to explore. From the Dandenong Ranges, Macedon Hill Country and The Great Ocean Road, we truly are spoilt for choice.

Recently Ben and I attended a Wine Food Farm Gate evening on Searoad Ferries where we were treated to some amazing food and wine produce from both the Mornington (my home) and Bellarine Peninsulas (on the opposite side of Port Phillip Bay). We were so impressed with the taste of the Bellarine that we decided there and then that we would take the kids over for a family weekend.

In perfect timing, Mitsubishi then coincidently contacted me asking if I would like to review their brand new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and go on a family escape. Jumping at the opportunity, I couldn’t believe it when the shiny new Mitsubishi appeared in my driveway. The features that I first noticed were the keyless start and amazing all-round sensors that gave me a birds-eye view whilst reversing.

The weekend couldn’t arrive soon enough. The Pajero Sport truly is a car that makes you want to grab your family and head off on an adventure! We packed the kids, an esky of food & wine and an overnight bag in to the huge boot. When I say huge I mean the biggest boot I have ever seen!

As soon as the kids got in they snuggled in the spacious back seats and were glued to the in-built DVD player that played through Bluetooth headphones. This meant a silent car ride, so much so that it felt like hubby and I were off on a child-free adventure! Haha we wish!

We drove to beautiful Sorrento and caught the Searoad Ferry across Port Phillip Bay to Queenscliff. It was a calm day and the kids were looking for dolphins (which you can often see in the bay) and playing in the onboard playground which was awesome! The journey was so quick and such a novelty for the kids.

Once in Queenscliff we had a wander around the main street and found a gorgeous cafe in a nursery called the Courtyard Cafe. The pumpkin soup was delish and the kids loved exploring the little paths in amongst the plants. After lunch we stopped off at the Scandinavian Ice Cream shop. Delicious and good old-fashioned customer service.

We then all piled back into the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and headed to Scotchmans Hill Winery where we were made to feel at home. The kids were given some colouring sheets and pencils whilst the adults were provided a personal tasting of some amazing, affordable wines.

Our next stop was our Air BnB accommodation, a little two bedroom beach shack in Indented Head. It had a new kitchen, carpeting and open plan living and for only $75 per night was great value.

I settled in with some of our wine purchases and a cheese platter, while Ben took the kids for a walk to the beach and playground. They saw a ship wreck and found many beautiful shells.

Dinner was at the Port Arlington Grand Hotel, which was a five-minute drive away. The meals were great and the venue was warm, cosy and child friendly.

The next day took off from where the previous finished, full of adventure on the road.  For lunch we drove out to Jack Rabbit vineyard where the views across the Bay to the City were breathtaking. Baby lambs played in paddocks to our left and to our right there was beautiful autumn coloured vines. The whole experience from beginning to end at Jack Rabbit was flawless. Our welcoming was friendly and professional, the wine exquisite and the food absolutely delicious. I highly recommend Jack Rabbit for an amazing family lunch.

Before heading back to our side of the Bay we called in to Terindah Estate for a tasting of their highly rated wines.

With the DVD player back on, we navigated the dirt roads of the Bellarine, feeling very comfortable sitting up high in our Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Back onboard the Searoad Ferry we spent much of the trip watching the sunset across the Bay.

The final small stretch of our journey was the hour drive home from Sorrento. Both kids fell asleep, which meant hubby and I had some time to ourselves once again, so we connected my phone to Apple Carplay and played my favourite music as we drove home. I loved driving the Mitsibishi Pajero and highly recommend it for family adventures. For more information on the Mitsibishi Pajero Sport please visit the showroom.


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    June 14, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Great post, our little family is also quick to jump overseas. But the Australian landscape is like no other and I am planning on showing the kiddies and my expat hubby more of it :).

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    June 14, 2016 at 9:27 am

    Great post! I totally agree with what you were saying in the post – it’s good to also travel to places close to home so you can really appreciate what’s around you. I find not enough people do this. Looks like a great sized car and perfect for comfortably travelling with a family.

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    Jackie (Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins)
    June 14, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    Wow! This sounds like a great trip, nothing beats getting away for the weekend… until you get to test a new car while doing it 😉 In built DVD players.. how I wish I had those in my boring car haha

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    June 14, 2016 at 6:00 pm

    Can’t believe I’ve lived in Melbourne since I was 7 and haven’t been to Queenscliff! I need to take note of Courtyard Cafe because I’m a complete sucker for pumpkin soup!


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    Kate Brooks
    June 14, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Gah The Pajero IS SOOOOOO Nice!!! I often stare at them in traffic. What a great opportunity. Its time for us to holiday as soon as winter starts to dissapear. I would like to go up to Fraser Island this time.

  • Reply
    Child Blogger Inc.
    June 16, 2016 at 10:50 pm

    The Pajero sounds amazing! We are looking to upgrade to a 4WD so will put this one on my list

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