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Little Helper- A universal Stroller Pram Attachment

March 19, 2017

I met Jodie at birthing class almost eight years ago when we were both due to have our first children and ended up in the same mothers group. Whilst the coffee catch-ups and beach walks often involved conversations about motherhood and what stage our babies were at, we also had a shared love of travel, particularly Europe. Jodie has recently moved to Italy with her young family after a recent health scare, which made her realise life is too short. So where am I going with this… I love when mums are doing things to help others and making their dreams a reality.

Jodie has just launched ‘Little Helper’. As per the old adage that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, Jodie realized that with two small children, doing daily chores like going to the supermarket, was all the more difficult – can you relate!?

Her children always kept getting out of the harness in the supermarket trolley, trying to stand up and basically causing mischief! Fed-up with the inconvenience of the trolley, she decided to shop with her daughter using a pram/stroller instead. However, she quickly found two problems with this strategy, 1). didn’t have enough storage space to finish all her shopping, and 2). the pram/stroller would start to tip over once the shopping bags were attached.  The latter happened to me once with my son Sol and it was scary.

So Jodie, like many of us thought, “There has to be a better way.” After hours and hours of research, she discovered that there wasn’t a product that addressed this problem, so decided to make her own solution.

After four years of testing, dozens of improvements, and hundreds of trips to the supermarket – Little Helper was born. Jodie has just launched her kick starter campaign. I have personally pledged my support and pre-ordered so she can beigin to help families around the world. My kids are too big for a pram so if Little Helper does take off I will be giving mine away via an Instagram competition. I know the hard work that Jodie has put into this and I want my friend’s dream to become a reality. All the best Jodie, so proud of your achievements and I hope Little Helper is a huge success.


It’s called Little Helper and when it comes to shopping and it’s a really big help.


To Support Little Helper click here and pledge your support.

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